Salad Drive-Thru

Launching March 31st, at 2435 Grand Ave in Ames, Iowa

Welcome to Clayton Farms Salads, a drive-thru restaurant that is all about fresh, healthy, and smart eating. Our greens are grown onsite, ensuring that our salads and smoothies are the freshest in the world. Whether you're on the go or simply looking for a quick and nutritious meal, we've got you covered with our delicious menu options. From bright and colorful salads, to refreshing and energizing smoothies, we've got everything you need, to fuel your day the healthiest way. So why wait? Swing through our drive-thru to taste the difference yourself, or to order delivery!

Grown Onsite

We grow all of our leafy greens and microgreens onsite, right here at our restaurant. From seed to salad bowl, we take pride in every step of the process, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor and nutrition.


We've created a menu that's full of delicious and nutritious options, all designed to keep you feeling your best. From hearty salads to refreshing smoothies, we use only the freshest ingredients to help you fuel your day.


Our drive-thru restaurant is all about fast service, without sacrificing quality or taste. With our speedy ordering process and fresh, made-to-order meals, you can enjoy a healthy and satisfying meal in no time at all.

Coming Soon!

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