Nebullam is rebranding to Clayton Farms

Same day harvest
and delivery

We're growing near you all year round at our indoor farm. So you always get the freshest locally grown greens.

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What We're Growing

Butterhead Lettuce

Soft and tender with slightly sweet and mildly bitter leaves.

Oak Leaf Lettuce

Mild, sweet and nutty flavor.


Crunchy with a sweet, slightly nutty grass flavor.

Broccoli Microgreens

Delicate. With a mild spice to their flavor.

Radish Microgreens

Crisp and tender with a peppery heat.

Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet. And juicy too!

Rainbow Chard

A dark leafy green and a nutritional powerhouse! Mild and sweet when cooked.


Peppery and tender leaves with a fresh and distinctive flavor

Bok Choy Microgreens

Crisp, with a bright cabbage flavor

How it works

Choose your Greens

Lettuce from the store lasts 3 days, maybe 1 week if it's from the farmer's market. Nebullam's lasts the whole 2 weeks.

I love the convenience of free delivery and the quality is paramount

My initial attraction was the local aspect, but I continue to re-order because of the freshness and quality

I have had several deliveries now, and every single leaf is tender and fresh. I love it!

I want quality lettuce that also tastes good. I'm never going back to the stuff at the store

This is week 2 of our subscription and we absolutely love it!  We are blown away at the quality of the lettuce

Clayton Farms in 100 Words

Once upon a time, food came from faraway lands. It would spend many days in the back of the truck before you could find it on the grocery store shelf. By the time you’d find it, it was missing lots of its nutrients. That story was all too common, so we thought a better story could be written. A story where food could come from a neighborhood farm, grown without pesticides and all year long. A farm where you could receive same day harvest and delivery to your doorstep. Thanks to you, this story is coming to life at Clayton Farms.

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our indoor vertical farms are located in Ames, IA and Edina, MN